Thursday, September 22, 2011

There have been lots of new and exciting changes at Crema Design, one being the new “Foscarini Wall” in the showroom. Given that they are an iconic Italian lighting manufacturer, we decided to design a dedicated wall just for Foscarini and Foscarini Diesel lighting. After researching the many ways in whichFoscarini have displayed their lighting over the years we decided to use wood panelling as the back drop for the many beautiful lights we already had in the showroom and all the new lights we then imported.  
Come and have a look at all the new lights on display!

One of the Foscarini pendants in the showroom is the Aplomb a small hanging lamp in concrete offered in three, coloured finishes which celebrate its personality, bringing together different styles, from the traditional grey of cement in its raw state, which adds depth to the volumes, to a stylish white hue, and a warm intense brown. Perfect for occasional tables, peninsulas and counters, either on its own or in a group.

The Binic is a table lamp with an ABS base and polycarbonate projector. Available in six different colours, Binic is suggested as a “take away” object - a present, or a personal object of desire - thanks also to the special packaging.

The Big Bang is one of our favourite suspension lamps. Made of intersections of white or red metacrylate panels the Big Bang is a dynamic composition that offers diffused and reflected light. It looks spectacular at dusk or dawn.

The iconic Twiggy lamp is available in four chromatic colours; black, white, red and yellow. The shade is made of a compound material and is anchored on a lacquered glass fibre base. The Twiggy comes as a table lamp, floor lamp, ceiling light and suspended pendant.

The Foscarini Diesel range is an industrial, quirky and creative range of lighting. 
The Cage Pendants have an “underground” origin in the real sense of the word. They were inspired by the lamps of miners and workers, protected by a metal cage which in Cage becomes a decorative element, thanks to its artisan craftsmanship, which can be seen in its irregular structure, and  the colours that characterise it. Glamorous white, fashionable black or pop light-blue: three colours that change according to the use of the lamp, lighting up a space when it is switched off, or taking on completely new shades when it is turned on. Cage is a personal object that will satisfy all your desires.
The table version has the total versatility of building site lamps: it can be hung, moved or placed on any surface or on the floor, or it can become an ironic desk lamp, which plays on its resemblance to a microphone.

The Pett's diffuser evokes the wings of a bat, the roof of a Gothic building or the atmosphere of a dark-natured comic book. Friendly, yet holding an expression of cutting wickedness, emphasised by the spikiness, by the veining in relief, the striped rubber feet and the interplay between the opaque and shining surfaces, in dark, technological shades. An irresistible amusing cult object for new generations, an original expression of contemporary pop culture, accessible to all, to be exploited in total freedom – as a faithful room mate or unconventional gift idea.

The Fork lampshade is inspired by casual fashion, by campsite tents and by an informal, playful and dynamic lifestyle. The stitching on the fabric has been created like that on jeans and the rings are not merely decorative, but respond to practical needs with simplicity and immediacy.  
The light inside reveals a patchwork structure and the texture of the canvas, a little like when you turn on a light inside a tent. The lampshade is extremely flexible and can be oriented 360°. Its stand is also very mobile, thanks to its joints: this means you can change the direction of the light as you please, play with the lamp and have fun continually finding new positions for it. We see all of Fork’s dynamism carried forward to the new hanging versions too, available in both large and small versions. The warm light of Fork is perfect for the home, but is also ideal for public spaces where a relaxing atmosphere is desired.

Glas takes on the familiar image of industrial lamps used in warehouses and factories worldwide. A reinvented icon in the light of a new contemporary lifestyle, transformed into a precious and personal entity, transported into a timeless dimension.  
By day, by night:  Glas is a lamp with a double life. When it is off, the superficial chrome-coloured vacuum metallisation finish reflects the surrounding environment and objects like a mirror. When it is on, it emits a warm beam, with a retro feel, which is both directed and diffused. 
Large or small, suspended on a chain, Glas transforms a home or public environment into a creative laboratory, a fascinating workshop of new trends.

Like a volcanic rock that when it breaks apart reveals a jewel within, Rock is an interplay of surprises and contrasts. Mysterious and severe outside, diamond-bright and iridescent inside. Outside, the dark version is rough with a scattering of golden motes, whilst inside, it shimmers, smooth and mother of pearl-covered. The white version assumes a new personality to fit in with each different use, a precious stone that highlights in particular its asymmetric facets, evolved according to a casual logic. They reflect the light’s rays in the internal surface as in a crystal, producing a surprising and unforgettable effect. This is an object that does not go unnoticed from any point of view. 
The hanging version focuses its light on the space below, while the new floor version, of surprising proportions, can focus its light band to function as a reading lamp as well as sending light upwards. Rock is a striking component of public or domestic furnishing. Its light focuses on the space below, highlighting it. Whether alone or in a group, it is always a protagonist, but its presence is never invasive or excessive.

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