Thursday, July 21, 2011

STUA NUBE, design Jesús Gasca & Jon Gasca, 2007

With a bold, linear outer form and soft curves inside, the NUBE is a cosy curved nest, perfect for the human body. Instead of a solid block, the design of the NUBE allows us to see all of the chair's structure and interior form. You really must sit in the NUBE to understand what a comfortable design this is.

The frame of the NUBE is made of solid steel in a shiny chrome finish. The frame is lightweight and elegant; it also allows for easy cleaning as the base is open and accessible from all sides.   

The outer lines and inner curves are visually enhanced by the use of two colours in the upholstery. The removable seat pad is always upholstered in the same fabric as the curved seat. 
From bright and vibrant colour combinations. . . 

stylish greys and beige colour combinations. . .

to the new elegant leather colour options,

the NUBE is suitable for residential and commercial use. Style your lounge with two NUBEs next to your sofa or place an individual NUBE as an accent in your bedroom or entrance hall.

The NUBE has been used for commercial applications around the world; from shopping centres to hotel lobbies. The NUBE has been designed with a metallic linking system which attaches one chair to another. Given the square form of the NUBE, many combinations of shapes can be created making it ideal for reception areas.

We have just placed an order for our showroom NUBE in the stylish two tone grey option! It will be here in about 3 week’s time. So pop into the showroom, have a coffee and test it out! 

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  1. best way to describe "less is more" i love the design, its sophisticated yet calm...