Monday, February 21, 2011

Wonderful Website!

Although ever changing as we will update weekly....... all the technical work is complete and our updated website has just gone live!

Our home page will feature current, international design reports and highlight our new design products weekly.

As you will see all our 2011 supplier catalogues are now easy to download or simply page through online. Please use the direct links and join our social networking.  We would appreciate your feedback.

Yours in inspiring design  
Créma Design 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Marcel Wanders, founder, art director and designer of Moooi, designs home furnishings that are classic in their appeal with an unexpected twist that's fresh and bold enough to enliven any living space. The line of sofas he's designed for Moooi Boutiques is no exception. 

The Moooi Boutique sofa is its extraordinary concept - you purchase your sofa "naked," then choose from a variety of "dresses," which are essentially upholstery slipcovers custom designed to fit each piece of your sofa like a glove. 

These are NOT the tacky, one-size-fits-all slipcovers your grandmother threw over the old couch in the guest room. They are exquisitely designed upholstery options that fit your sofa like a glove, giving you the option to completely change the look of your Moooi Boutique sofa as often as you like for about 40% of the cost of replacing the sofa. 

You can also switch between four lovely leg options, including carved wood and graceful curved chrome models. 

It’s time we love our sofa’s like our handbags! Now it’s easy to buy one! And now we don’t have to life with the same sofa for a lifetime!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The history of nanimarquina is based on a very clear idea: wanting to design rugs. It’s a simple statement, a transparent declaration of intent that has become a reality by putting into practice values such as observation, innovative endeavour, communication, emotion and knowing how to contemporise traditional craftsmanship.

Since its origins in 1987, nanimarquina has been designing rugs and other textile products, paying particular attention to research on raw materials and production processes. These factors enrich the aesthetic aspect of the products, which are the true stars that give the brand its visibility and commercial success.

Losanges | Searching for Originality

The Bouroullec brothers continue their study of simplicity and elegance with their new Losanges collection.
It’s about reinterpreting the traditional Persian rug using the ancient kilim technique. 
Technically complex, the Losanges collection requires great skill as it involves combining 13 colours through the geometrical rhombus shape, a great challenge for the craftsmen of Northern Pakistan.
As well as being crafted by hand, the Afghan wool is also spun by hand, which allows for some unique colour tones to be highlighted which make each rhombus different and each rug a unique item.

Medina | Back to the Beginning

Inspired by old fashioned rugs, this collection, carried out using the kilim technique, recovers the essence of the rug, both in its texture and in its use. 
For the desert nomads, a house is built on a rug, as rugs originally served to protect people from the ground. They represented an object of daily use, as well as providing comfort, they also defined the space. 
Over time, the rug has become a decorative element and a vehicle for cultural messages. The Medina collection represents the modern day transformation of tradition. Its classical essence is achieved thanks to its handcrafted production in the north of Pakistan using a very old and traditional technique; the kilim.

Do-Lo-Rez | Level(s) in Tandem

Created by Ron Arad, Do-Lo-Rez is a union of two pieces, rug and sofa, conceived as a single element. Created jointly, they form an unusual project that brings the virtual world closer to the real world. Its name comes from the expression “do low resolution”. 
The idea came to him after seeing a pixelated image in low resolution, which has materialised into a three-dimensional surface. The rug is made through the hand tufting technique, making each square a different height from the ones beside it. 
On the other hand, its extraordinary format involves multiple vertices that seem like the final pieces of an unfinished puzzle. This game of volume and levels allows for made-to-measure, customized rugs.

Black on white | There´s always a reason to create, to laugh and to reawaken.

Faced with the challenge of blank paper, some authors capture its very essence on designer rugs. A graphic and industrial designer, a painter, a fashion designer and a writer and art gallery director create each of these four exclusive designs, in which four very personal visions of the rug as contemporary object are made clear. All have something in common: choosing the absence of colour, black and white in monochrome, to intensify its identity. A dichotomy. A horizontal canvas. A work of art underfoot.
MANUSCRIT Joaquim Ruiz Millet (2003) 
In 1991, Joaquim Ruiz Millet started a novel that he would finish five years later. During his work’s gestation period, a page of the unpublished manuscript gave rise to a series of objects, such as this rug, with spindly characters that move the work plane from hands to feet. Expanding it, the original becomes the abstract.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Our daily lives are constantly affected by the environment in which we live and work. Good design can make that environment more pleasant and attractive, making our daily lives easier. 
STUA's style is clean, simple and timeless. They believe that this level of quality should apply to all aspects of life: architecture, art, furniture and living in general. They design and produce furniture in Spain, with 100% European materials and a total care for the environment in which we live.

Jesús Gasca, 1994

Jesús Gasca, 2004

Jesús Gasca and Jon Gasca, 2009

Jon Gasca, 1997

STUA, timeless, simple, contemporary designs.

Friday, February 4, 2011


We have just received stock of the original Bloom Pots! 

The Dutch company BLOOM is a small team of designers, whose aim it is to put everyday objects into a new perspective. Bloom pot, designed in 2001 by Rob Slewe and brought into production in 2003, is an example of their aim. Since 2003 the collection has expanded substantially. The indoor/outdoor collection has increased with new models such as Bloom Pill, Bloom Bulb, Bloom Square and a special edition of the original Bloom Pot, the Bloom X-mas Pot. In 2008 the Bloom Portable Lamp was introduced.

 The original Bloom Pot is designed so that it can be planted in. It is made of polyethylene with double walls which makes it waterproof. Bloom Pot resembles the stereotypical terra cotta pot and is available in 3 different sizes (40cm high, 60cm high and 90 cm high) and many different colours! It is ideal to decorate the exterior of your home, animate your garden or light up the parts of the house.
When you next drive by the showroom, be sure to look up to the balcony, we have the new Square Pots on display!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Dock Kitchen - Tom Dixon

The Dock Kitchen is a well guarded secret, tucked away in the old Virgin recording studios complex, in a no-nonsense Victorian goods yard on the Grand Union Canal. Stevie Parle travels the world in a restless search for the best in honest, generous and simple foods, bringing them together to create a new kind of modern London cooking, and the adjacent Tom Dixon design studio provides a constantly evolving backdrop and a steady stream of innovative changes.
The 80 cover space has been designed by the Tom Dixon interior design company Design Research Studio and features furniture and lighting from their latest collection, Industry. 

Each shade in the Pressed Glass collection is created by compressing molten glass into a hollow mould which is then annealed in a kiln to form a robust object. The production process does not allow for intervention, and so small variations such as tiny air bubbles often occur within the finished product.

The Bronze Copper Shade is a polycarbonate sphere, which is vacuum metallised with copper inside and brass outside to give a double colour effect. Available as a floor or pendant light.

A table inspired by the materials and processes employed during the Industrial Revolution. Screw is made from a cast iron tripod base with a white marble top. The aluminium thread allows for multiple heights by simply spinning the top.

A café chair inspired by the quietly pared down character of Japanese architecture. Peg is constructed from solid birch, making it light-weight yet robust. Easy to stack, it’s supremely functional shape pays homage to Rietveld.

The shared interest in best quality materials from all over the world makes Portobello Dock a unique and exciting place. The set up is simple. They cook a small daily changing a la carte menu at lunch and dinner, but in the evening we also run set menu supper clubs inspired by the season, an author, or a favourite place.

They now open for lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday and Lunch on Sundays.

Now all I need is a flight to London!