Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New at Crema Design: a Milan review.

Hi Folks

I hope this finds you well!  The seasons have turned, which means more time spent indoors enjoying the personal spaces we’ve created, called home.

The world’s largest furniture exhibition recently took place in Milan; I went to see what new designs were being launched by Crema Design’s suppliers and take pleasure in giving you a sneak preview here.

Most will be in our Cape Town showroom in the next few weeks; so please do pop in and see them. 
Etch Web Pendant

An astonishing new Design from Tom Dixon, the Etch Web is a vast 65cm wide shade with an unusual open structure, designed to cast atmospheric angular shadows when lit.  An irregular pentagon shape is repeated 60 times across the body to create a total sphere, making it the ultimate shadow play pendant. 


A beautiful new aluminium pendant light by Tom Dixon, proudly exposes its inner workings, taking usually invisible electrical components and making them integral to the design. The result is a self-contained piece featuring both a shade and light in one. Fin round is also available in aluminium and blue, the range includes an obround pendant and a table light.


Lustre is the latest discovery in Tom Dixon’s continued exploration of extraordinary metallic finishes. The iridescent sheen is created using a top secret glaze containing minerals and precious metals, resulting in a striking colour change effect. Available in Flat, Round, Square and Wedge.


The Brass Etch Pendant relaesed by Tom Dixon in 2011 is now joined by the Copper and Stainless Steel versions. Etch - a digitally manufactured pendant light etched from metal, creating a mass of intricate shadows when lit. Also available as a candle holder.


There is always something magic about the word chest, even if it’s simply meant to store blankets in a charming vintage way… In this case the magic originates from the intricate pattern of symbols designed on its surface, creating a mysterious message that waits to be deciphered.
Checking the time will never be the same with Studio Job’s Grandfather clock, a playful interpretation of old Frankish furniture holding all its beauty and atmosphere. A Studio Job souvenir is hidden in a secret compartment of the clock. A treasure to be found… Handmade quality spring driven eight day movement, use the included custom Studio Job key to wind up. Door opens to storage compartment. 


Marcel Wanders Valentine’s shiny, refined black, white, gold & chrome shell encloses and frames a meadow of light and sparkling glamour. With the style of a precious jewel, Valentine is designed to guard his heart of crystallized flowers, frosted in time. Made from crystal clear blown glass with chromed, gold plated or lacquered shade, transparent cord and steel cable.

Big Ben

With time constantly ticking away in our pockets, on our wrists and computer screens the use of wall clocks has almost been forgotten. Big Ben by Marcel Wanders helps us regain consciousness of time’s weight. So why not give it an important position in our living space? Why not go for a giant, decorative, iconic wall clock to give time our own, personal dimension? 


Chillida, a new collection of rugs by Nanimarquina, based on a chronological selection of Eduardo Chillida work. It includes two pictures of his famous hands from the 90s, and Gravitación, where he creates a new form of relief, sculpture made of paper.

Tambour Collection

The side tables have a very simple design that suits to any type of environment, whether it is next to a faded sofa from the 50’s or whether it stands in the sleek lounge of a modern lobby. Made from injected aluminium, the Tambour tables comes with one or two levels and with or without base wheels.


From top to toe Zartan is a wholly natural chair. The high ecological technology explores the advantages of using bamboo, linen, hemp.... To understand what will be our daily future. 

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