Thursday, April 7, 2011

Making space for new designs!

To all our lovely followers! I have some good news! As I’m sure you all know, Milan Design Week starts next week Tuesday! This means that lots of exciting new designs are going to be released!
At the showroom we love to keep our stock up to date and display as many of the new designs as possible. Our only problem is that we don’t have enough space to keep it all! So in order to make space we are offering some of our fabulous products at a staggering discount of less 40%!

The Floc Rug from nanimarquina is a very original collection of solid coloured rectangular rugs, each of which stands out thanks to the wide cut-out fringe design on one of its sides. 

Sale price - R 5 000.00 excl. VAT 170 cm x 120 cm

The simple straight lines and pattern of the Moire Rug from nanimarquina presents it with an elegant and sophisticated look while its soft velvety feel makes it all the more adorable. 

Sale price - R 8 400.00 excl. VAT 170 cm x 240 cm

When there is a need for a high intensity lighting solution, Foscarini Dolmen is the answer. This lamp with anodized aluminium support has two diffusers, one in the rear and another in the front. The front is white while the rear one is transparent. It utilizes two florescent bulbs as the source of illumination. May be used alone or in multiple compositions, hanging from or leaning against the wall. 

Sale price - R 6 300.00 excl. VAT 40 x 12 x H 18040 x 12 x H 180

If you'd like to come see the products, please visit us at the showroom. Corner of Main and Upper Portswood Road Green Point. Above Hudsons Burger Joint. 021 434 0661.

Yours in inspiring design
Créma Design 

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