Friday, February 4, 2011


We have just received stock of the original Bloom Pots! 

The Dutch company BLOOM is a small team of designers, whose aim it is to put everyday objects into a new perspective. Bloom pot, designed in 2001 by Rob Slewe and brought into production in 2003, is an example of their aim. Since 2003 the collection has expanded substantially. The indoor/outdoor collection has increased with new models such as Bloom Pill, Bloom Bulb, Bloom Square and a special edition of the original Bloom Pot, the Bloom X-mas Pot. In 2008 the Bloom Portable Lamp was introduced.

 The original Bloom Pot is designed so that it can be planted in. It is made of polyethylene with double walls which makes it waterproof. Bloom Pot resembles the stereotypical terra cotta pot and is available in 3 different sizes (40cm high, 60cm high and 90 cm high) and many different colours! It is ideal to decorate the exterior of your home, animate your garden or light up the parts of the house.
When you next drive by the showroom, be sure to look up to the balcony, we have the new Square Pots on display!


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