Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Lights from Moooi

Random Lights from Moooi

The Random Light is the ideal ‘light’ solution to furnish any space. Developed around an inflatable beach ball, the Random Light is an outstanding example of a very creative, out-of-the-box production process which has generated an extremely successful product.

Designed by Bertjan Pot and introduced in the Moooi collection in 2002, the Random Light has become a best seller right from the beginning. It transmits a feeling of simplicity, softness, lightness  and a touch of magic in contemporary style.
The production process is a special story by itself: a resin drained yarn is randomly coiled around an inflatable beach ball creating a translucent 3D fabric. The beach ball is then deflated and extracted from a round opening in the lamp. At the end the skin becomes the product, soft and magic.
Material: Fibreglass soaked in epoxy resin, chromed steel pendant
Colours: White or black
Diameter 50 cm
Diameter 80 cm
Diameter 105 cm

Random Light LED

In this new version of the product a LED pendant becomes part of the Random light, creating a long lasting energy saving light output. Combining a playful design with an environmentally friendly technology, a killer combination! The LED Random Light is available in a 50cm diameter or a 80cm diameter.

For the first time the Random Light stops drifting and comes down to earth…literally! It’s the first floor lamp available in the Random light family and the ideal ‘light’ solution to furnish any space. The base is made of matt chromed steel or a semi gloss powder coated base.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Fantasy House of Moooi at the White Building

Exactly 6 months after opening the doors to the Moooi & Senso showroom in London, Moooi take the unprecedented steps by inviting London based stylist Despina Curtis to curate her very own Fantasy House through the monochromatic world of Moooi at the White Building.

To celebrate this anniversary Despina creates a magical monochrome environment that combines the spirit of the building and the 10 years of iconic design from Moooi. The visitors will be invited to interact with a symphony of playfulness, illustrated through the exaggerated scale, mysterious shadows and familiar silhouettes within the theatrical set.

It also represents the perfect opportunity to introduce the newest Moooi designs to the UK, including the brand new facetted Miyake Floor and Table lamps by young Japanese designer Arihiro Miyake, based on a design that plays with very pure geometrical factors such as weight, surfaces and angles.

Other new designs in the spotlight are Random LED and Random LED
floor lamp by Bertjan Pot, Dear Ingo lamp in White by Ron Gilad and Raimond Zafu by Raimond Puts, part of a product line that has recently become Moooi's bestseller.

The presentation will comprise, amongst others, the soft and stylish Monster chair by Marcel Wanders and the exotic architecture of the Emperor lamp by Chinese designers Neri & Hu.

Moooi proudly share the showroom with Senso flooring and its beautiful, hand poured cast resin floors. The beauty and unique atmosphere of the showroom, including it’s great setting, continues to inspire and attract architects, designers, press, stylists and design lovers from around the world. All the more reason to share and enjoy this fleeting dream world at 'The Fantasy House of Moooi’.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying this spectacular day in Cape Town!
I wouldn’t want to overload the minds before the end of the working week, so here for your enjoyment are a few images from the new restaurant group Peyton and Byrne who have launched a stunning restaurant and bar at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Feast your eyes on the Tim Dixon Etch Pendants and Scoop Chairs! Both new editions to the Tom Dixon collection!  


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New website coming soon!

Some of you may have been to the Créma Design website. Now I hope that this website has been helpful in the past as it takes you directly to most of our supplier’s websites, which is fantastic for our suppliers!

However, our current website doesn’t say much about us, Créma Design.
Kate and I have been working on a very special new website aimed at showing you, the customer, what we have to offer! It is going to show you what projects we have been working on, as well as what exciting new products our suppliers have in store! We have been working on the website for a few months now and we are putting the final touches on it so that it’s perfect for the release! I thought I would give you a little heads up and something to look forward to; here is just one of the pages for you to see!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Créma Design starts a Blog!

To all our brand new followers, welcome to the Créma Design Blog!
This is where Kate and I will keep you up to date on international and local design, gorgeous hot spots around South Africa and abroad from restaurants and showrooms to hotels and guest lodges as well as the fun and games here in the office!

Please comment on our blogs and share your opinions so we can make this a fun, interesting and interactive space on the web.
We look forward to making this new adventure a successful one with you!